To be my friend or follower on Social Media is a true test of patience currently.  I spent the first week of the semester serving as a sorority Formal Recruitment Mentor and therefore have been disaffiliated from my chapter since October.  That means I wasn’t allowed to hang out with more than two sorority sisters in public, couldn’t wear any clothing items or accessories that bore my organization’s letters, symbols, or colors, and all of my social media accounts had to be completely purged of anything indicating my chapter.  Since I was reunited with my sisters and my letters on Bid Day last Sunday, my social media has exploded with photographs and tweets celebrating both my affiliation to my chapter and our new members.  I suppose this has shown me that I mostly use social media to chronicle important moments in my life.  As a 20 year old college junior, my sorority Bid Day seems like a really important moment in my life, and while it will probably always remain a wonderful memory, I wonder if it is how I want to portray my social media presence.  I recently read an article about cleaning up social media for a more professional presence from a student’s perspective.   After this article and joining my Social Media class, I’ve really started to think about how I utilize social media and if I’m using it to the best of my ability.  While my Tweets and Facebook posts are popular among my age group and lead to many retweets and favorites, they do not really generate any conversation or lead to networking.  I suppose my biggest uneasiness with social media lies with this: at what point does my Twitter become an extension of my professional personal instead of the happy-go-lucky college kid I sometimes want to remain forever?  As much as I love my Instagrams of my sorority sisters and I, is that truly the most interesting information to be broadcasting to the world?  These are the things I really need to evaluate in the coming year as I finally start the process of growing up and joining the real world.


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